Sunday, January 31, 2010

Go away snow!

Okay, it was my third day stuck at home. I am ready for this snow to melt and for spring to come to Tennessee. Cabin fever has hit the Niemeyer Nest! Evie napped really well this morning but has been up since 11:20. It's been one long afternoon plus Carl was gone until 4. He had to go into the office for a bit and then he was sweet enough to pick up a few essentials from the grocery store. Of course, he got a few exras too but that's part of the fun with a snow day. Evie loved her mini Chessman cookies that her Daddy got for her.

I worked on a few crafts this afternoon, hung some pictures with Carl, made some chocolate covered Ritz with peanut butter and created a new drink - the Niemocha. Look out Starbuck's here I come! I was trying to make some snowcream for Evie and noticed that we were out of vanilla. That's another subtle reminder of how life has changed since Evie. So, I looked around for a substitute and came across some white mocha hot chocolate mix. I put some of that, a little sugar, some snow, a bit of a milk and a splash of coffee in a glass. It was better than a frappachino - well close anyway.

Carl wonders if I am building a shrine with all the pictures of Evie around here. It could not possibly escape anyones attention that she is our first child. We have pictures of her everywhere, a blog dedicated to her life and a baby book. Not sure how I will pull this off with our next child. Check out my handsome hubby using his level to get my shrine - I mean gallery wall perfect!

Using the webcam distracted Evie for a bit, she enjoyed seeing her Nana and Ipop on the webcam along with her Uncle Ben! She kept trying to leap through the screen to them. If it was possible to get her back - I'd lend her to them for a few hours. That would make everyone happy!

It's so much work to take Evie outside in this weather so I came across an idea last night - bring the snow to Evie! She thought it was really cool to play snow in the kitchen. I loaded up a bucket with snow and handed her a bowl with a big spoon. She had a blast and I was able to have a few minutes peace. I have a feeling snow in the house will be an activity around here for a few more days. Although, I am hoping to get out of the house tomorrow. Carl is going out of town for a few days so it will help me and Evie to see some other faces besides our own.


  1. Cute blog! We've had snow here in NC also and I am so ready for it to go away. How many days till Spring?

  2. We have a shrine for Sarah Cameron, too. Yikes, I'm feeling the pressure for Eliza now. What a great idea to bring the snow inside!! I may have to borrow that one! :)


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