Monday, January 4, 2010

5 degrees!

I am not kidding . . . wish that I were but it was seriously 5 degrees when we woke up this morning! Now, that's cold! Our storm windows were iced over and you could feel the cold in your bones. Evie was perfectly warm in her snuggle sack but we were freezing! It's time to turn the electric blanket up a bit. Carl learned today that this is the coldest streak since 1942 and that this type of cold does not last longer than 9 days. I got lost in that conversation but the main idea is that it should be warmer by Monday. Keep your fingers crossed on that one!

Uncle Ben went with us to Gymboree. Evie likes to wander away from the group a little to do her own thing. She's quite nimble in the tunnels and speeds down the mats. Evie looked a little more independent today because there were only 4 kids there. Must be too cold for most people to get out of the house.

After nap, we went to the Factory. Ben discovered that they used to make ovens there so that was an interesting tidbit of information. I was sad because Constant Craving closed their store there and the Frisky Berry was not open either. However, I scored a great deal on some precious green overalls for Evie. Carl was glad they weren't pink since most everything she owns is some shade of pink. I bought a 24 month and was so surprised to see that they already fit her. Sizing is a constant puzzle for moms and babies. Thank goodness, I tried the overalls on her tonight because that would not have been fun if they were four inches too short this fall.

Evie has been getting lots of attention from everyone! She thinks that Ben's computer is really fun and loves to hide under the curtains with him. She is such a little gigglebox! All of a sudden, her hair is so long and is in serious need of a haircut. She looks like a little ragamuffin between her hair and all of her excess drool! Evie is still cute even when she looks like a ragamuffin!

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  1. Okay, now that is just too cold!!! It is hard to have little ones when it is that cold!!! Evie is just too cute!


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