Saturday, January 23, 2010

Evie's first Haircut!

Evie was up a few times last night which is pretty unusual. We are so tired! I think her tummy was hurting -maybe from the pizza! She did sleep late this morning which helped us a lot. Let's hope last night was a fluke.

This morning, we had to take some things by Carl's office and then go to Home Depot. Our plan was to find some lighting for our kitchen but it did not work out. We even went to the big Home Depot that has a lot more of a selection. Carl took down the box light and needed some electrical tape. So, we loaded up again and headed to our local Home Depot. Never would I have imagined spending so much time in Home Depot. If you are counting that makes two trips to Home Depot in one day; it's our new favorite weekend hangout.

After Evie's nap, we went to order our new floors. It seemed like a good idea to choose what our contractor is comfortable using so 3/4 inch it is. Hardwood floors come in about as many varieties as there are people who want them. Anything, will look better than the our 25 year old floor with tears and holes. Evie has destroyed our rug that we were using to camo our floor.

Evie's hair has been out of control for a few weeks but being a traditionalist I waited for her to turn 1. I was pretty sure that Evie was not going to be a happy camper but we were prepared to capture her first haircut on film.We decided to go to Snip-its. They have a great business plan that caters to kids with tv's, prize boxes, toys, parent chairs etc. Evie was not impressed with the bells and whistles. She was not happy to put it mildly. Ashley cut her hair super fast and then she was fine. Evie looks so cute with her new do! Ashley gave her a little rubber duck for a reward. Not sure she deserved a reward! Doesn't she look so sad?

Evie is getting more confident with her walking. She is going back and forth between the ottoman and the table. It's so funny to watch her reach her hand out really far and lunge for the nearest piece of furniture. We clap for her and she seems so proud of herself. It is amazing how our love grows for Evie each day.


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