Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Way to go Cougars!

Carl and I are so proud to be College of Charleston graduates! In case you have not heard - they beat UNC last night! They also beat the Tarheels while I was a freshman at CofC and it was one of my best experiences at the College. Dorms breed excitement. We all ran into the street to celebrate. It got crazy but it was so fun! Admissions got swamped after that win and I was a CofC tour guide so my tours got really packed! Nothing like a little publicity to drum up some major interest for prospective students. Evie LOVES the cougars too!Uncle Ben left this morning and Evie was so sad that she cried when the door closed. She REALLY loves her Uncle Ben -the feeling is mutual. He is really sweet with her and she thinks he is really fun! Evie and I stayed home in our pj's until 3:00. It was one of my most productive days in a LONG time. I am trying to get some things done for Evie's first birthday and a few projects around the house. Today, I did some filing and organizing. It' s amazing how much paperwork comes into our house - bills. insurance, recipes, change of address cards, invites and other things that need taken care of. I used to be on top of all of this but not so much anymore. Carl will be so proud. I have everything ready for tax time except our W-2's. That's pretty good, right? It seems you can get a lot more done around the house when you actually stay home!

Evie went with me to pick out her birthday cake at the Puffy Muffin. Of course, it is pink and green. I love cake so this will be the best part for me besides celebrating my daughter's first year of life! We met Carl to tag-team haircuts then we went to Home Depot.

If you know us in real life, you will be pleased to know that we FINALLY chose some tile for our laundry room! We decided to start with the laundry room and then move to the kitchen after Evie's party. Anything we have will be better than the torn flooring and walls with holes. I guess that's why we got such a great deal on our house. It needs some TLC. Our contractor met us at Home Depot and he said that the plan is to start this week! I will believe that when it happens but when we called to ask him a question from the Home Depot he came right then to help us! Now, I just need to choose a paint color. Carl chose the yellow in our last painting project and it looked like a taxi so it's my turn. We will be staying away from any paint colors with the word butter in it. That's where we went wrong the last time!

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