Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Evie and I headed to the libary for storytime and to escape the paint fumes at our house. We were a few minutes late because Evie lost her sock between the car and the story room. Thank goodness, we found it since it was approximately 33 degrees outside. Evie loved the story and seeing all the big kids. She played at the train table until another kid coughed on her. We relocated to a cozy nook for our own storytime. Evie was so sweet. She sat on my lap and listened to a few stories. Then she just sat back and took everything in. It was so nice to hold my little girl for so long! We received all kinds of feedback. Someone even told me that Evie was laid-back. That's a new one. We just kept sitting there and Evie watched a little girl who was reading nearby. Evie laughed to get her attention and that started a little impromptu playdate right in the library. Madeline was her name and she was three. She was so cute and wanted Evie to laugh for her. Madeline kept saying "laugh" to Evie and would get so excited when Evie laughed. Madeline said, "her loves me" about a 100 times. I struck up a conversation with Madeline's mom and found out she was a former teacher. She supervises student teachers now a few hours per week. What a perfect job!

Evie came home to clap for Atillo. Apparently, she approves of his work. He did a fabulous job and there are no drip marks. I noticed that Atillo does not keep a papertowel in hand to wipe up his mistakes. Not sure he makes mistakes! We really like the color. It is Macadamia by Sherwin Williams. My sister in law used this in her house and I thought it would be nice in our kitchen. Paint sure changes the look of a room. Evie woke up from her nap ready to play! She used her new smock from her friend, Paisley. Isn't it precious? Evie spent at least 20 minutes taking extra Chick-fil-A sauces out of a bag and lining them up on the boxes of hardwood floors in our kitchen. She thought it was a really fun game. It looks like we can play it for at least another week because our new floors will not be in until Thursday and then they have to sit in our house for a week.

Something funny happened in the grocery store yesterday. We were walking down an aisle and Evie wanted to capture a lady's attention so she let out a little shriek. The lady jumped and screamed in surprise. The lady was pretty annoyed with Evie so I tried to address the situation. Remember I am dealing with a one year old but I did remind Evie that it is not nice to shriek at people. Another lady overheard this and told Evie that it was fine to shriek. She thought Evie was cute. Then the lady who was annoyed told the other lady that Evie had a really loud voice! It was so funny! Shrieking is just Evie's way of saying hello.

Evie gets more fun every day! I love being with Evie and watching her explore her little world. She is my little Lewis and Clark!

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