Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12 Month Appointment!

Evie and I went to our first MOMS meeting this morning. Evie was very impressed with the snacks and the toys. She dug right into a cookie and loved playing with the big kids. Ms. Cheap was canceled due to a death in her family so it was just a social event.

Evie was exhausted from not napping this morning. We had her 12 month appointment this afternoon. Carl was super busy at work and could not make it. I called Carl to tell him that we were still waiting to see the doctor so he came by to surprise Evie. I think Evie was so glad that he made it. Mommy sure was happy since today was a 4 shot day! Evie loved the nurse and got right on her boat to get weighed. She weighs 20 pounds and 12 ounces and is 30 inches long. The nurse told me that Evie was in the 90th percentile for her weight but I knew that could not be right. I asked her to check that again. Mommy knows best because she was in the 25th percentile! Much better than being in the 90th percentile. Evie's in the 75th percentile for her height and the 50th for her head circumference. Evie did great at the appointment even though we were there almost two hours. Goldfish and light switches helped pass the time. We found out that our pediatrican lives in our neighborhood about two streets away from our house. That could really come in handy! Dr. E said that word spread fast that a pediatrican was moving in the neighborhood. He told us that the first night he moved in the neighborhood and was sitting down for dinner - the doorbell rang with a mom frantic about her child's fever. He told us not to hesitate to call if he have a problem.

Evie was so happy to come home to play. She loves to play chase around the chair. It's so cute to hear her giggle and squeal with glee. Evie tried chicken stir-fry for dinner and thought it was really delicious. Mandarin oranges are still her favorite dessert. She is still working hard on her walking. We have seen her take several steps so our life is about to get a lot more difficult!

Can you tell the difference in our kitchen? I can't and am still not sure what he did here this morning. Tomorrow, he will come sand the walls and on Friday we will get our cabinets back. It's been interesting going to get dishes from the dining room. Chad did not expect this to take so long but that's the way things usually happen. He must not live by the motto - underpromise and overdeliver like someone that I know very well!


  1. Ouch! I do NOT miss all those shots. But yes, time really does fly! Enjoy it. And yes, my post brought me to tears too!

    I love love love her pink and green Birthday cake!

  2. Yay for a healthy girl! :)

    I'm not sure if we talked about this before (my mind has been CRAZY), but I'd be glad to do a header for you if you'd like one! Email me with a picture and what colors you'd like, and what you'd like for it to say :)


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