Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kitchen Work!

Evie and I have not done much today. Our kitchen is under construction and everything from our cabinets is on our dining room table. Yesterday, we had our soffit taken out and today he came to mud. It's a pretty messy process but I knew it would be. It will be worth it to have a nice kitchen. We ordered our floors today and they will be installed next week. I cannot wait to rip up our old vinyl floor. Remember the painter from last week who wanted to charge a ton. Well, he is also the guy who came to mud and he has lowered his price and will include the paint. HA! I knew he was too high. He told me that he painted LeAnn Rimes and Alan Jackson's house. That might be part of his sales pitch here in the music city! I don't care if he painted the White House -he was overpriced last week. Here are some pictures so far but keep in mind we are far from being finished!

Evie was so excited when her Daddy came home. She crawled super fast to him and practically leaped into his arms. He went back outside to get his laptop and she totally freaked. It was so sweet. They went jogging together and I ran to the grocery store. We had so much fun playing with her tonight. She took four steps so she is getting more confident each day!

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