Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitchen Update!

Well, our cabinets are back in place and everything is back inside them. Chad and Kurt finished putting up the new crown molding and ripped up our shoe moulding. We are in conversation about our floors with the floor company and the contractor. Floor guy Larry says that we have the best product and the difference is some people like Chevy's and some people like Ford's. Contractor Chad says 3/4 inch is better. Larry says we can return what we have and buy the 3/4 which is cheaper. Chad needs a new gun to install our floor so Larry might just put it in. Have I totally lost you? Believe me, we are as lost as last years Easter eggs ourselves! Now, we know why people pay builders BIG money to take care of all this for them. Money does not grow on trees especially in single income families. We chose to save money by sub-contracting but it's a lot of decisions every day. It will all work out and all floors look the same once they are down. Can you see the difference yet? We still have a few more projects to do but are slowing making our way down the list! We have a lady who is supposed to paint our cabinets but she is in Malibu working on an NFL players house. She saved this job for the winter to escape the cold but it's rained the whole time she's been there. Sometimes, I wonder about the lines these people use. We have made a lot of progress in the last two weeks. Maybe we will get it all finished before we move again. HA! In the grand scheme of things - this is not a big deal - there are people dying in Haiti who would love to have a kitchen - any kitchen! Now, that's something to think about!

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