Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making progress!

Evie and I were so happy to see Rich here this morning right on time to work on the tile. He brought a helper today and they finished this afternoon. Tomorrow, he will grout and paint the ceiling and the trim. Thursday he will paint the walls. I decided to go with a light tan for the walls. Neutral is very popular now and it makes your house flow nicely when the colors are similar. I still will incorporate some color into the room. You may be wondering why we decided to start with the laundry room! It's like a mud-room and is one of entrances to our house. Evie will get to paint in this room and do projects here without worrying about the mess. Not that she would worry about the mess! Evie and I worked on framing her pictures this morning. She thought it was way more fun to crawl over the frames. My little helper sure is cute!

We had a friend over today. Kristin came over with her baby Jacob. He turned one last week and is so cute. Evie and I met them at Kindermusik. Kristin is very sweet and down to earth. We had a great time and the kiddos even ate lunch together. I think Evie likes having friends over for lunch. Jacob does not test gravity like Evie. Let's hope Evie did not teach him that trick. Evie slept right through the workers and it was LOUD with the saw and the radio. Apparently, she only wakes up when she hears voices or senses my presence. Several nights ago, I decided to go check on her and I opened the door and was carefully walking over to the crib. She heard me, rolled over, popped up and stood up in the crib ready to see what was happening. Thank goodness, she went right back to sleep. I hope she can become a more sound sleeper. Life will be much easier if a little noise does not impact her sleeping.

Evie and I went to get the paint this afternoon. I learned something interesting today about painters. Most painters charge between 1.50 and 2.50 a square foot and that is down more than 50% from two years ago. I was curious about this because we have gathered a few estimates for our kitchen and there is a HUGE gap - more than a thousand dollars for the same room but with a different painter. That's so crazy to me but the man at Sherwin Williams told me that is another sign of the times that people are so desperate that'd they paint for less than 1.00 a sq. ft. Apparently, new construction painters get paid between .75 and 1.00 per sq. ft. and most of them spray the paint on the walls. I will be sure to get the best price at the best value or I will just paint it myself. I had always thought painters just looked at the room and bidded based on the height of ceilings, color of paint, etc. You learn something new everyday especially when you are a rookie like me.

Evie and I went to the mall because Carl had a dinner meeting. We just walked around and then had our dinner at the food court. Evie loves the nuggets at Chick-fil-A but has no time for the ones that I bake her at home. I have to agree with her fried nuggets are a LOT better! Don't worry she had some fruit too. She spent the entire time at the mall pointing at the ceiling at the lights since she is absolutely obsessed with lights. That makes trips to the mall a lot more pleasant!
Welcome to the world, Baby Liam. We are so excited for our dear friends, Mike and Alicia. Too bad we do not live across the street from each other anymore. We both moved at the same time which made it easier to leave the neighborhood. We can't wait for Evie to meet Liam.

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