Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whole Bunch of Nothing!

We had a wonderful lazy day at home. Evie slept until almost 8! I made muffins for breakfast. Evie loves muffins. After her nap, Evie went running with her Daddy. I mopped the foyer and the kitchen for the fourth time since the dust explosion. It makes me cringe to see Evie crawling across the dusty floor.

We hung out at home and Evie went down for her nap. I went to the mall and Target. Carl wanted to try the new Pepsi Throwback made with sugar. Pepsi is not my favorite but it was pretty good. Coke is probably about to unveil a similar product.

I have done a lot of organizing today and preparing for the painter. Each week, our "junk drawer" needs organizing because it fills at an alarming rate. All of those things that I am not sure where to put them. I prefer the illusion of clean and neat so stray items are swept into the drawer throughout the day. Carl and I are still noticing that little things take five times longer now than they used to before Evie. I spend way too much time looking for things! Guess what I found in my junk drawer - electrical tape. We could have only made one trip to Home Depot yesterday instead of two!


  1. Sounds like a very productive weekend! Great job! So hey...I just made the realization that you are friends with Alli & Thomas Hart!!?? I saw that you commented on one of Alli's facebook status' and made the connection! Did you tell me you were friends with her and I just forgot? So sorry if that's the case! I just think it's fun that we have a friend in common. :)

  2. Hey Jennifer! I love the new blog look!!!


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