Sunday, January 10, 2010

Testing Gravity!

Evie is really not interested in eating. She thinks it is way more fun to drop her food over the side of the highchair. Seriously, more food is on my kitchen floor than in her belly after attempting to feed her a meal. I am trying not to let it bother me because it is probably a phase but I really do not want her to develop into a picky eater. Evie could employ her own short order cook these days. Just the other day, I was commenting about Evie's big appetite. That's the cardinal rule of motherhood as soon as you say something your baby switches gears. Examples: " My baby always sleeps through the night. My baby loves spinach. My baby never has separation issues." Trust me, keep these thoughts to yourself. It works the other way too. Announce to the world that your baby is not crawling or hates baths and suddenly it improves. Time takes care of most things especially with babies.

It has not been a good day for eating! Evie ate a great breakfast and wolfed down three pancakes along with her daily banana. It's been downhill ever since. She has had pineapple, kiwi, a few bites of grits and a fig newton. That's not really a balanced diet. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Carl stayed with Evie and I went to the mall this afternoon. It was so nice to get away for a few hours but of course I missed both Carl and Evie. Malls are full of strollers on Sunday afternoons so it's not the best place to go for a break from children. I had a few returns and needed to get some new drapes for the den. Finally, I found some that work pretty well but one panel is a tiny bit shorter than the other. Nothing you would notice unless you are overally observant but it annoys me. I paid for 84 inches and that's what I want. Pottery Barn will be seeing me soon. Let's hope they still have some in stock. I finally got my mistreatment to work. The Nester said it should take 15 minutes and 5 tacks. My mistreatment took WAY more than 15 minutes and a lot of holes. However, you cannot seem them now that mistreatment is up. It's not quite as beautiful as I was hoping but it sure beats paying someone to make me a new one since my old ones do not fit these windows. Maybe my mom will offer to help me out and make Evie some new curtains. The Nester says, "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." Let's go with that regarding my handiwork. It's far from perfect!

Our new tile man is supposed to start tomorow. We certainly hope he comes because our dining room is a disaster and the old tile man thinks that I am crazy so he probably will not be coming back here! All the items from the laundry room closets are now sitting on the dining room table. Yes, we have a new tile man because the other one did not respond to my phone call and I found someone 38% cheaper. Business is business even if I like the first guy better. Our bank account likes the cheaper guy who aims for 100% satisfaction. One thing about being in a recession is that customer service has improved and prices are a lot better.

I was in Publix this afternoon and the man in front of me went balistic at the bagger. Apparently, the bagger was lamenting about his job and it annoyed the customer. He yelled really loud, " I deal with punks like you everyday. Leave if you do not like your job . There's 15 other people who could replace you tomorrow." The manager had to come over to assess the situation. He was none too pleased with his bagger. I agree with the customer - it's not pleasant to hear your bagger complain about how hard their job is and how many hours they have left to work that shift. The manager assured the customer that he would take care of everything.

We are looking forward to the weather getting warmer this week. Thursday will be so pleasant with a high of 50! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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