Monday, January 11, 2010

Case of the Mondays!

Evie and I had a great start to our day because the tile man showed up on time and prepared to work! Now, that's all I wanted! He is a great worker and tries to be as quiet as he can while Evie sleeps. I am in a whirl trying to get a few projects done around the house. Nothing like having a few people over to your house to get yourself in gear! Things that have not mattered for the last two months are suddenly urgent.

We had a few returns to make at the mall so we decided it would be fun to share a Chick-fil-A biscuit. It must have been a momentary streak of luck because we got the last one. Then, we had our Gymboree class. Evie did great and made a new friend, Matthew. It was so nice to get out of the house after being cooped up so much last week.

I returned a few things to Home Depot and now I have decided that I need them! I have been to Home Depot 3 times within the last 30 hours. Everything started going crazy - nothing major it's just a little trying to deal with contractors when I am a TOTAL rookie! Add Evie to the mix and it gets really crazy.

Here's a few pictures of our laundry room - one was yesterday and one was after a full-days work. Can you tell the difference? Carl was impressed with everything that Rich got accomplished today. Any suggestions on a good paint color! Dad, I know your suggestion is Antique White.

Evie was so excited to hear Carl. I was holding her and he was around the corner. She did not know he was home yet until she heard his voice. It was so cute to see her sweet little face light up when she heard her Daddy. Speaking of light, Evie is fascinated by lights these days. She constantly points to them and is even more interested in lights than she was ceiling fans a few months back. It's so fun to see her soak up the world around her. I cannot wait to see her in the morning!

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