Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did you get your milk?

Evie was so happy to see her friends at Kindermusik this morning! She was so happy to see George that she planted a big,juicy kiss on his sweet little cheek. Apparently, she goes for younger men because George is a whole 5 months younger than Evie. Kissing was not enough for her so she decided to insert her finger inside his mouth. At least it was not her tongue! George's mom is super laid back so she was not too worried. Evie was so impressed with Ms. Marie's puppet. It was a lamb. Maybe I could brave the cold attic to find my puppets from when I taught first grade. I am sure Evie would love to play with them!

Evie is starting to use objects more and more like we do. She was brushing her hair this morning with my brush and I noticed her putting a shirt on that she found in the laundryroom. We got a really nice surprise in the mail today from the Hortons. They sent Evie some pj's and the most beautiful dress that I have ever seen! I cannot wait to see her in it. We had a little fashion show this afternoon and Evie looks precious in the dress. I am sure you will be seeing this dress in a lot of pictures this summer.

Evie woke up from her nap and we went to get the new floors with Daddy. Carl has loaded and unloaded those floors 6 times now. We are going to LOVE these floors! Chad is supposed to install them next Thursday. I put another picture of the kitchen so you could get a better look at the color. It looks so nice! I really like it. We have had a yellow kitchen in our last two houses so it was a little bit of a stretch for us to go with a neutral.

We hit the grocery store to stock up on supplies in case of snow. It's a 100% chance here so we will see what happens. Evie needed some milk and I needed some cookies. Carl needed some almonds. We are ready to hibernate for a few days.

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  1. No milk yet- but you did inspire me to start making my blog a little prettier! Thank you!


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