Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shorts in January!

Atillo came back to sand today! Goodness, it is a messy process. I knew it would be but it is different to experience it. Monday, he will be back to sand some more and then paint. Our floors will be put in at some point. We will be glad to get our kitchen back! It's so funny to me that we bought a house that needs so much work in the kitchen. Carl and I made a list of features we wanted in a new house and I am quite sure that an updated kitchen was at the top of the list. It will be updated all right but we are the ones updating it!

Evie had Kindermusik this morning. We started a new unit, Cock A Doodle Moo and got our materials. Evie got a new instrument, CD and a really cool book. She loves her class so much. It's so fun to see her interacting with the kids and watching her explore new things. Ms. Marie put out a HUGE drum and Evie went right up to it to test it out with her friend Abigail. I need to take my camera because there are some really good photo opportunties there.

We came home for lunch! Atillo was still working. I kept Evie up because he was about to leave. After he left, I took Evie upstairs to get her ready for naptime. Someone was banging on the door - it was Atillo. His battery had died and he needed my car to jump him. Our house is a disaster from the dust even though he did clean up some. So I had to bring Evie out with me, she was already in her sleepsack and was looking at me quite confused. It was also raining! We got his car started and then we came back to try to nap. Evie spent some time settling back down while I mopped again. She finally went to sleep!

Carl was so excited to wear shorts in January. It was beautiful this afternoon but then it turned stormy. We had a huge storm complete with thunder and lightning. We had planned on going to Chile Burito for dinner since our kitchen is a disaster zone. We waited for the rain to subside and made a dash for it. Evie and I shared nachos. She thought it was really fun to open and close the container they came in.

Evie was so excited to get her tunnel today from Uncle Ben. He sent it for her birthday. She has been in and out of it all night long! It is a real hit! We even crawled through her tunnel. Daddy got stuck and it worried Evie. She was really happy when he got out! Tonight, was one of those nights when you wish you could freeze time. We are having a ball with Evie!

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