Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lollie!

We hope you have a special day. Our photo-shoot was quite interesting so I posted the four best but we know you know all about trying to take little girls pictures! Evie loves her Aunt Lollie so much and she tried really HARD to cooperate for a picture. Hope they make you smile!

You are a wonderful Sister In Law! Everytime, I have a question or a problem - you pop into my head as a wonderful resource! You are always so helpful and honest. Those are qualities of a real friend - real friends tell you what is best even if you do not want to hear it! I appreciate your thoughtful advice on motherhood, house stuff and FOOD! I trust you with all the hard decisions in life from first birthday outfits to paint colors. Hands-down, you are the best cook and your recipes make me look like I know my way around the kitchen! You are an excellent role-model for me as a mother. Everyone needs someone who is a few steps in front of them to show them the ropes of motherhood! You've really got it together as Mary and Lucy's mom.

Best wishes that this will be the best year yet. Happy Birthday, Lollie!

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