Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let it Snow!

Evie went to bed late last night since her friend was here but she was still up bright and early this morning! Evie and her Daddy watched the snow fall. It did not long and it certainly did not stick. After nap, we took Ben to see the sights of Nashville. There was not too much going on downtown. It's too cold to be outside!

Carl and Ben did some things around the house. I am not sure what they did but my computer is working a million times faster! Evie and I went to Hobby Lobby. It was my first time there and I was quite impressed. We just picked up a few things. I am hoping to make a few mistreaments for my windows Nester style. It is so unfortunate that my beautiful window treatments from our last house do not fit these windows!

Evie tried to make friends with the Bissel again. She's still so sure about it but she spent some time petting it in the hallway. I changed the pulls in one of the bathrooms. They were a little rustic for my taste but I sure hope someone would like to buy them off Craig's List. We took the ornaments and lights off the tree. We had a cute little helper who thought it was really fun to play with the lights. Tomorrow, the tree comes down and heads to the recycling center. It's always so sad to take down the tree but it's nice to have the house back to normal.

Evie is enjoying Uncle Ben's visit. She likes having more people to play with her. Chili was a perfect dinner for this cold night! It's a good night for a fire and a movie.

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  1. Evie is one adorable girl!!! I am glad she is having fun w/ her Uncle Ben. Aunts & uncles are very special!! Two Suburbans had to pick us up b/c 7 people and all of their clothes for 2 weeks wouldn't fit in 1 car! :) Santa came early, so we didn't bring those things to NC. Thank goodness!


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