Friday, January 8, 2010

It's been snowing all day . . .

Yes, it has been snowing all day but our accumulation is about an 1/8 of an inch! Carl says it is too cold for it to stick. Evie and I are so ready to get out of the house. We have not left since Wednesday - that is a long time for us! Seriously, it's been so bad that the highlight of our day was watching the four kids next door try to ice-skate down their driveway with their dogs. Evie thought that was great fun! Maybe tomorrow we can venture out with Carl.

We were supposed to go to a playdate this afternoon but it was so yucky that we just stayed home. Evie was so sad that she did not get to see her friends today. I think Evie is either bored or in a serious growth spurt because she slept over 4 hours today. Her morning nap was 2.5 hours and I was starting to worry about her. She's like a little sponge right now soaking up every experience that we give her.

I think we have explored every room of our house, read every book, played with every toy and called every friend that we know. Naptime has been so boring for me. I am ready for sunshine and warm weather. We are expecting some balmy temperatures next week. Highs in the 40's! Now, that's the kind of winter that I can handle.

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