Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Pictures!

Evie had fun at her party. It all went smoothly. She was a little overwhelmed at first but quickly warmed up to everything. It was cute seeing all of her friends together. Evie was not so sure about her cake but loved it when I fed it to her on a fork. We tried again tonight with her smash cake and she seemed to like it a little more.

Evie had fun opening presents with her cousins. They really helped her get the hang of it. She got all kinds of nice things: baby bracelet, cross necklace, garden bench, fairy book, a dress, a set of musical instruments and lots of toys. Evie has really enjoyed playing with everything!

I think Evie's favorite part of the party was sharing puffs with her friend Abby. It was so cute to watch them eating together. I love to see Evie with her friends. So sweet!


  1. Evie,

    I ate the piece of birthday cake that you sent me. It was delicious. I am looking forward to seeing you in February.


    Uncle Ben


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