Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet Evie!

We had such a fun day together! Evie helped me organize a little. She is really good at playing with piles of stuff - things like magazine, tupperware, clothes. You get the picture! I just love these pictures of her organzing the laundry. She does this every morning. Maybe we can work on sorting darks and lights soon. Be sure to notice the shirt around her neck. Carl came home for lunch which was a real treat! I think Evie was surprised to see him.

Evie is having a blast in her tunnel and she is obsessed with books. I LOVE IT! She picks up books and reads throughout the day. It's so cute to see her turn the pages with her sweet little fingers. I am having the best time with Evie and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be at home with her each day. She is changing so quickly and I do not want to miss a thing!

We went to the new Kroger this afternoon. It was such a nice store and way cheaper than Publix. I have been looking for ways to save money at the grocery store. Coupons are obvious but I finally figured out stockpiling with coupons! Now, I am not one of those compulsive stock-pilers but now that I have a HUGE pantry it seems more practical. Each week, bloggers post their groceries and how much they save. It has never made sense to me because I always wondered what type of meals they were making with the items they purchased. FINALLY, I figured it out that they buy ahead and shop from their own pantry. Harris Teeter had chicken Buy One, Get Two Free recently so I bought the maximum allowed of 6. So, that's 18 pieces of chicken - about 9 meals for us. Now, I just have to get things to go with the chicken. So, we are having chicken fajitas, chicken pot pie and baked chicken which meant we needed some produce. It's a good thing we like chicken around here!

Carl brought a pizza home - thanks honey! Evie tried some. Usually, she just has the crusts but the pediatrician said to give her whatever we are eating. I think she liked it! She also had strawberries and peas. Dessert was yogurt - the last YoBaby! My friend Kristin suggested that I buy a large container of vanilla yogurt and mix in frozen fruit. Much cheaper and way less sugar than YoBaby. Can't wait to see what Evie thinks about her new yogurt.

Carl read books to Evie while I cleaned up a little. It feels so nice to have our kitchen back in working order - at least for a few days!

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