Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't call me Suzy!

It was 2 degrees when we woke up this morning! Two are you kidding me - I have never experienced such frigid temperatures in my life. Luckily it warmed up to around 30 - which seemed quite pleasant after our recent weather. Evie and I stayed home most of the day to avoid the cold.

I got a lot done around the house this morning but spent way too much time working on my mistreatment for Evie's window. The Nester must be able to work some magic because my mistreatment just looks like a piece of fabric on the window. I will keep working on it! Evie has been helping too. She stands up next to the chair that I am on and tickles my feet!She thinks that is hysterical! Evie thinks it is really fun to play with all our lotions, brushes and other assorted bathroom items! I took her pacifier from her several times this morning since she it a bit chapped from all of her excess drool. She is so smart because she found more pacifiers to put in her mouth.

At noon today, we heard a knock at our door. It was the contractor here to talk tile! I was so embarassed since we were both still in our pj's but that's what you get when you show up without calling. Maybe he will call before he comes again. I am thinking he was not too impressed with my homemaking skills but he does not know that I work better in my pj's.

Evie and I went to check out a new pediatrican this afternoon. She made friends with a little boy in the waiting room. They were just laughing at each other. Dr. E was pretty nice but he did not stop talking long enough for me to ask him any questions. Seriously, I learned all about Brentwood parents from him. He said most parents are super high strung and have their kids in 5 different activites and think a 3.75 is not a good GPA. I got way more information about parenting styles in the area than important information about his practice. He also mentioned that he had multiple patients coming in to see him before the snow hits. It's kinda like going to the grocery store to get your bread -make sure you stop by the pediatrician just in case you get snowed in for a week. Not sure that will happen even here in the frozen tundra! I am hoping for a few inches so I get a few pictures of Evie checking out the white stuff. Let it snow!

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