Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bringing JOY to the DMV!

We had a bit of a rough night. Evie is being weaned this week and teething which caused her to wake up at 2:00 this morning. She finally went back to sleep about 2:45! That was a good reminder of how far we have come - once sleeping though the night comes those long nights seem especially rough!

Our painters arrived bright and early again - much too early for me! Evie went down for her nap and I heard a bunch of arguing downstairs. It was getting worse and all kinds of words were flying. Then, the assistant was at the bottom of my stairs, "Miss, I am leaving and I did not steal anything. I did a good job. Thank you." I decided that I better go downstairs to see what was going on in the kitchen. Everything looked fine but there was a lot of tension and it felt uncomfortable in my own home. The assistant raced out the door and ten minutes later there was a new assistant working on my cabinets. It makes me wonder but all I really care about it that my cabinets look good. I emailed Carl to give him the scoop and he called to make sure we were okay. He thought something really bad was happening from my email! Everyone is fine although the paint fumes are pretty toxic.

I had to get a drivers license this morning. We arrived at 11:20 and saw a sign stating that volume is heaviest between 11 and 1. I prepared myself for a long wait and was so thankful that I had packed some things to occupy Evie. I figured that it would be easier to wait with a rested happy baby than take a chance with a hungry, tired baby. Several people were waiting and they told me that they had been there for more than an hour. Evie ate a few goldfish, chatted with a strange man and played with the paperclip. At this point, she was ready to roam free so I reluctantly took her out of the stroller. She ran up and down the aisles and made lots of people smile. She even tried to share her snack with a lady that she met. Finally, our number was called and we waited some more while the computer took it's time figuring out the next step. Evie moved onto Lorna Doone 100 calorie packs at this point and continued to make friends with her endless chatter. Finally, we finished the process at just under an hour. I was relieved that I was able to pass the vision test. My eye doctor told me he was not sure if I would. It was just a string of numbers so it was pretty simple. Examiner Hughes was quite enamored with Evie. Let's hope Evie and I do not make any more trips to the DMV anytime soon. Two trips in less than 6 months is too much for anyone even with Goldfish and cookies.

It was time for lunch after our adventure at the DMV! I had planned to take Evie to the mall to run a few errands and get some lunch. However, I decided to take her to Pannera. They have the best sandwiches but the kids menu is lacking! Evie requested mac and cheese which came with organic yogurt. That sounded good until it came out in a tube! Talk about a mess - 1 year old's are not ready for tubes of yogurt. Pannera you might want to rethink the yogurt because my sweet girl made a really big mess. Of course, I tried cleaning it up but a few napkins barely made a dent in the yogurt mess that covered every inch of Evie, her high chair and of course the carpet! YIKES. I bet they are rethinking my request to substitute milk for the yogurt. That was an additional charge. Kids sure are expensive.

I raced home for naptime and put Evie in her crib. She had other ideas but did rest quietly for a bit. However, our afternoon and evening were so long trying to entertain a tired, cranky baby. Our kitchen is out of order so we decided to pick something up for dinner. That turned into going out to eat without a bib, tiny diner or food for Evie. It was not her best dining experience. Then we came home and fed her dinner since Mexican was not her style. Sleepy Evie did not even want a story before bed. She kept pointing at the lamp and wanted me to put her to sleep. At least, that's what I think she was trying to say! I rocked my sweet baby to sleep which almost never happens. It sure was nice. She's in the crib and has headed to Sleepytown. Hope she stays there all night because we have a busy day tomorrow.


  1. The kitchen looks great! Weird drama with the painters...

    I love that you referred to the man as "Examiner Hughes." Hilarious!

    We were JUST in Panera yesterday and got a kid's meal. What on earth is up with the tubes of yogurt? I was picturing an old fashioned cup-like container when I ordered. We didn't even attempt the tube. Good grief.

  2. The cabinets look great! I hope I don't have to go to the DMV anytime soon...but probably smart of you to wait until she had her morning nap! Good thinking.

  3. The cabinets look great! The drama with the workers is craziness! We are also having issues with not sleeping well....we'll have to discuss. =)


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