Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fever!

I used to be a teacher before I was Evie's mommy. Each spring, my mood got better and my steps were lighter. I always thought it was because the end of the school year was near. Well, this is my second spring not teaching and it's happening again . . . spring fever has hit our house. Evie and I are having the best time playing outside together.

We went to the park this morning. Evie was not impressed with the swings but thought it was fun to walk along the paths to each section of the playground. She also loved skipping down the hill with me. It's so fun to see her experiencing so many new things. Evie tries to catch the wind, run and keep her balance all at the same time. Sometimes she falls down which makes her laugh then she gets right back up. We came home from the park and played in our yard. Her favorite spot is the little hill between our house and the neighbors. She runs up the hill, turns around to see if I am watching and then races to see the dogs. This scares the dogs to death and they run the opposite direction. She will do this for 30 minutes which makes for really great afternoon naps. It's so funny that we have a huge yard but she still prefers this one little spot.

Evie woke up ready for her daily walk around the neighborhood. We ran into a frantic woman looking for her lost dog. Evie would be really good at finding lost dogs since she can spot them a mile away. It'd be a really lucrative business to get into around here too since we saw a sign advertising a $1,000 reward for the return of their dog. That must be some dog!


  1. I am a teacher, and I REALLY have Spring Fever! I am so looking forward to Spring Break next week!

  2. Wow, I hope Evie can find that dog. How awesome would that be?! Haha

  3. Evie looks so sweet in the blue top! :) And yes, spring fever is very, very serious...and can only be cured with sunshine, flowers, and a warm breeze. And maybe a nice glass of wine on the porch. M will just have water in her sippy cup, thank you very much.


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