Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hanging out at the House!

Evie's poor little teeth are still bothering her. Since, she has not been overly fussy with her teeth, it seems like there may be more to it. We are having lots of tears and a reduced appetite. She has discovered the trash can and thinks it's super fun to put things in it. Especially things that do not belong in the trash like her sippy cup or her toys. It's entertaining to see her try to do things like us such as comb her hair, put the top on the milk carton and wipe the table. Evie is such a great helper!

Evie and I stayed home all day which is rare for us but that is what she needed. Carl went to Home Depot to get a few things. That makes two trips this weekend! I started painting the downstairs bathroom. It was looking a little rough now that the other rooms have been painted. I am certainly not the best painter in the world but I work for free. Painting does not really bother me once I get started. Carl is the most patient person on this Earth but painting brings out the frustration in him. That's okay, I paint better alone. He fertilized the yard. Maybe it will rain to wash some of it away so Evie and I can play in the yard.

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  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. So nice to meet a fellow Nashville blogger. From looking at your blog it looks like we visit the same places. We went to TSC supply yesterday and had a great time with the bunnies and chicks.
    Who knows maybe we can get together? When does your little one turn 2--Cillian needs a playmate!!!


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