Monday, March 15, 2010

Crossing off the list!

Evie slept until 8:30 and her Mama did too. We woke up and had some breakfast. Miss Evie seems to be feeling a little better today. At least she is eating and the tears are gone for the most part. She still gets pretty irritated when she cannot get what she wants. You know things like knives, cupcakes and my favorite tube of mascara.

I worked on painting the bathroom while she napped. Suddenly, it seems like a much bigger project than I had intended. Colors in the tan family seem to need a little extra coverage so two coats may not even be enough. Wet paint never looks great so there's still hope that I am finished.

Evie and I ran a few errands after lunch. We went to pick out our new counter tops. Carl helped make this decision but we went to select the actual piece this afternoon. Children are not permitted in the granite cutting area but that is where the slabs were located. The lady said that if Evie would stay right with me than she'd allow her to go in. Evie loves to be carted around especially in unfamiliar settings. She thought it was great hanging with her Mama while snacking on grapes and checking everything out. Her little expressions are priceless and the wheels are always turning.

We were close to the license tag office and I had all of our paperwork with me so off to the tax office. Evie and I breezed right through the line although our cashier had the personality of a snail. The ladies in the office thought Evie was quite adorable and sang praises about how happy and good she is. One lady even told Evie she was a good milk drinker. If only she knew what I went through to get that kid to drink milk out of a sippy cup. Parents love to hear how wonderful their children are so this made the trip much more enjoyable.

You may have noticed that Evie and I accomplished three really big things all in one day! This is pretty incredible for us but trust me our house is a disaster between the painting and not being here to keep up with the daily grind.

However, housework will always be there so Evie and I went to a St. Patrick's Day party. It was fun to watch Evie interact with all the kids. She loved it and thought their aquarium was pretty cool. Betsy, the hostess, had green snacks galore and cute decorations. Evie munched on some green grapes and some spinach dip. That's the only veggie she has had in weeks since she is refusing all things green. Evie picked up some new jewels - a green beaded necklace with shamrocks. It's as long as she is tall but she feels beautiful in it!


  1. 8:30...nice! Molly slept until 9 (all because of the time change!) but today was my first day of class so I totally missed the sleeping in. Boo! Glad you got to enjoy it.

    A St. Patty's Day party sounds fun!

  2. Hey! We are coming to town this weekend! I hope we can see you guys!


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