Thursday, March 4, 2010

Star Sighting!

Evie called her Uncle Ben this morning all by herself. She was playing with the house phone and I noticed it was ringing. It was Ben and he had just had a call from our house. Evie made her first phone call. We were just talking about this last week about a little girl who calls people and says, " Hi, Emma here."That just makes me laugh thinking of a 2.5 year old calling people on the phone. Evie knows more about technolgy than a lot of adults.

Evie and I missed our playdate this morning. She was sleeping and I knew she would miss her afternoon nap so I let her sleep longer. We had Kindermusik this morning. It was good to be back after missing last week. Our class was full with lots of people doing makeups from the snow. Guess who was there - Kimberly Williams. You know the cute girl from Father of the Bride who is married to Brad Paisley. Well, she lives in Nashville with her two cute kids and she brought her sweet little Jasper to class this morning. He came to class without any pants! So, you could say she's a pretty laid-back mom. He must have had an accident on the way to class. Kimberly is just beautiful and seemed friendly. Of course, no one acted star struck but it was hard to restrain myself. It was pretty exciting! Can't wait for next week. Maybe Jasper and Evie could have a playdate soon.

Evie and I went to see our sweet friends Abby and Maura after Kindermusik. Maura made us lunch and the girls played. I really think they recognize each other now and Evie just makes herself right at home. Evie's favorite part was the ice-cream. Evie has never had chocolate ice-cream. It was seriously the best ice-cream that I have ever had - Ben and Jerry's Everything but. Try it - you will not be disappointed. It has almonds, peanut butter cups, white chocolate and is absolutely divine!

Evie took a little snooze on the way home and then we went for a walk in the park. It was a beautiful day with a high of 50. Evie loves to be outside and gets mad when it's time for her to come inside. Apparently, this is common with her age-group, they all love to be outside and get mad when it's time to come inside.

Our house is so stinky from the paint so we have not spent much time at home this week. It gives me a headache. I left the doors open while we went on our walk and that helped air it out a bit.

I bought Evie some Easter eggs and she loves them! They are the kind that break into four parts and can be mixed and matched. My favorite combination is pink and green stripes. Evie prefers four different colors and she likes to place a bead inside so that her egg becomes a music maker. What a creative child!
Carl is settling down to watch a little Weather Channel. He has not watched in two weeks. I guess he needs his fix. I am goig to attack the mountain of laundry that has accumulated before my eyes.


  1. I'm dying right now--Kimberly Williams is my FAVE! Oh my gosh please interact with her and give the scoop. And please tell her to email me--heehee!

  2. Envious about your star sighting! I love Kimberly Williams!

  3. Yes, it's always hard to wake them up, especially when you know they will miss a nap later! I'm keeping Molly up this morning so I can meet up with my sister (to shop, no less!) so I am making sure we have NO plans this afternoon! :)

    BTW - I _love_ Kimberly Williams Paisley. I'm not sure I wouldn't have thrown myself at her. I'm impressed with your restraint. :)

  4. I LOVE Kimberly Williams and Brad Paisley!! How cool that you saw her!


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