Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nana's Birthday, Baby Chicks and Teething!

Evie slept from 6:45 last night until 8:30! Now, that can really start the day off on the right foot. We left the house around 10 to run a few errands. Carl wanted to get some yard stuff at the Co-op. It was a really cool place with lots of farm stuff, homemade items and of course some baby chicks! Evie was in heaven with those chicks. They had hundreds of baby chicks of several different varieties. She made little clucking noises at them and tried to touch them. I did not mind her touching but there was a heat lamp right over them. Lights continue to fascinate Evie but the temperature would have not been a good surprise. It was so cute to watch her with the chicks. We might go visit them again soon. Charleston girls, check out this Kickin' Chicken. Do you think our Kickin' Chicken was named after this cleaner?

Carl and I both had an appointment for our hair so we traded off Evie duty. I took her in the store next door. It's called Sew Much Fun and it's full of cute stuff. They even had a cocker spaniel named Baxter. He was so sweet and allowed Evie to investigate him which thrilled her little heart. We called Nana to tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was very sad living so far away and not being able to celebrate. Evie wore her cupcake outfit to celebrate Nana's special day. Remember her cupcake outfit from last year - that would not even fit her leg this year. We hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed your dinner at the Ranch House.

Evie is T.E.E.T.H.I.N.G! It's the worst pain that I have ever seen her in and was so hard to see my sweet baby in pain. She was crying and I was crying - trust me it was that bad. None of her other teeth have been this difficult. Dinnertime was really tough. She tried to bite her cheese and it hurt her teeth. I tried everything and most everything was a total disaster. She ate a cup of yogurt, half of a strawberry and two grapes. By this point, her motrin was working so she sat in my lap while we ate dinner. One perk, to her feeling badly is that she is extra cuddly but I sure hope she feels better in the morning!

We are watching No Impact Man- now, that's an interesting idea. Not that I would even consider something so extreme but maybe I'll take away a few things to try with my family. No toilet paper is a little crazy and I would miss Starbuck's. There are lots of little things that I can do and if we all do a little that would make a difference!

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