Saturday, March 6, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

What a beautiful day! It was my turn to sleep in this morning. Carl and Evie had fun playing and listening to music. Widespread Panic was a hit with Evie. I decided to wake up and make some blueberry muffins for breakfast. Sleeping in is not what it used to be but 8:15 is a lot better than 7.

We woke Evie up at 11:00 and went for a walk in the neighborhood and to the park. It was so nice to be outside. Evie had so much fun running around the yard.

Carl went to get the spreader and trailer for the John Deere from the previous owners of our house. He tried to get some fertilizer but the place was closed. Evie took a nap this afternoon. Maybe that outdoor air helps induce sleep. She did not fall asleep until 2 so I will try putting her down later to see if that helps.

Carl and I hung a few pictures and did some stuff around the house. I went to run a few errands and they went jogging at the park. It was so nice to get out for a little bit.

I came home and we played outside while Carl grilled some chicken. Evie thought this was just fabulous. I think Carl liked it too! Evie is still loving her Mardi Gras beads and does not slow down for pictures. Late afternoon is such a magical time to take pictures, the light and shadows make beautiful shots even with dirt smudges on sweet little cheeks. We had a family dinner. Our first in a few days since our kitchen has been closed. Evie did a great job eating with us and even fed me salad piece by piece. She is such a sweet girl!

We are looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow. Hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather. I'll post pictures later.

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  1. She's getting SO big! AP has that outfit in blue (consignment purchase, of course!)


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