Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Evie's Eggcellent Adventure!

We have had a busy day but all of our days seem busy. Our neighbor, Rachel, came over for coffee this morning. Evie woke up to see her and shared her toys with her. It was nice to visit with my neighbor and learn more about the area.

Evie had her first Easter Egg hunt this morning at River Park. It was so much fun! Each kid was supposed to bring 12 eggs. I filled Evie's eggs and put them next to her on the seat of the car. We live about a mile from the park. Evie managed to open several eggs and devour a few jelly beans along the way. She has never had candy and it opened up a whole new world for her! Colorful jellybeans, chewy skittles and let's not forget foil covered eggs. Of course, she loved it but I worry about her choking. We played on the playground with the other kids and as you can see the slide was quite the hit. Then, they had the egg hunt, Evie ran every which way except in the direction of the eggs. Then, she figured out that yummy stuff was inside the eggs on the grass so she snatched a few from other kids. There was a limit of 12 and Evie made sure that limit was observed. She did give the egg back to a little girl who cried when Evie took her egg. Cece shared her eggs since she had found a grand total of 32 but Evie was on to other things. She found a few jelly beans and skittles scattered in the grass. Evie plopped right down and had a little snack. At this point, I went to get the stroller to contain her a little better and we had lunch with the other kids. Lunch was pizza and snacks. It was amusing to see which snacks the kids chose. I gave Evie a wheat germ pumpkin muffin with chocolate chips but that did cut it after the sweet treats. We settled on a strawberry and a carrot shaped sugar cookie. Evie had a blast and got lots of compliments on her sweet basket. I bought it last year at Buttercup in Charlotte. It is precious - a little white box with ears and her name painted on it. However, she needs a felt basket for hunting purposes. Otherwise, she may give a small child a concussion since it could easily become dangerous.

All of this playing wore her out. She's been asleep for over two hours which gave me a chance to tackle the laundry and straighten the house from my little Tennessee tornado. One of the moms at the hunt who also happens to be one of my neighbors has 5 children and she told me that Evie is about to start the most difficult stage 15 months to 2 has been hard for all five of her kids. I can believe it because before 9 o'clock this morning Evie broke a piece off her changing table, threw 6 things down the stairs, pulled out a roll of toliet paper, trapped herself in the bathroom and took every book off her shelf! It's a good thing she is so cute. I'll take her back outside after nap, there's not as much for her to get into out there.


  1. I have heard that that age is the hardest too. I'm HOPING it's true! Ha! It can only get easier from here,


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