Friday, March 12, 2010

Daddy's Home!

It has been a yucky rainy day but it was perfect napping conditions for Evie. Evie and I played around this morning. Bows are the latest discovery at our house. Evie found our stash and thinks they are really great toys. She tries to put them in my hair and in her own hair. So cute! Our friends Maura and Abby came over for lunch. I made some chicken chili which hit the spot on such a dreary day. Evie and Abby had fun playing together. They really liked snagging cookies from their mama's. We are so glad that they came over to brighten up our day! The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. I am hoping to go for a walk when Evie wakes up.

Carl is back in Nashville but is at the office. We cannot wait to see him. I am posting early so we can have a movie night with pizza. Can you tell where he's been this week from the pictures? You got it California. He had a business trip about sixty miles from LA. Yesterday, he drove to LA to see his cousins, Ryan and Rhett. Ryan has a beautiful little girl who is two weeks younger than Evie. Harlow has so much hair that it seems like she is much older than 1. Carl had fun reading her a book and watching all of her tricks. I am so glad that Carl was able to touch base with his cousins. Pretty crazy that it is easier to see his California cousins than his Charleston cousins.

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