Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stormy Day!

It's been a rainy day and we had a huge storm late this afternoon. It was a big one and happened right as Carl was getting home. He quickly located the weather radio and put new batteries in it so we were ready in case of an emergency. It was time for Evie to eat her supper and he moved her highchair away from the window. Storms come quickly around here but they pass quickly too. All is clear now and it has turned into a nice evening.

We did not do much today. It was a Kindermusik day and Evie enjoyed seeing all of her friends. We were on Spring Break last week so we did not have class.
Evie is really into kiwi this week. Of course, my child has to love a fruit that is not the easiest to prepare. She LOVES all fruit though except cantaloupe which is still not working for her. Not sure what it is about that orange fruit because she loves all orange food.

We headed to the grocery store this afternoon and Evie carried two pieces of wheat bread around the store. She even tried to share with the lady in line behind us. Pretty sweet but I am certain that this lady was not interested in Evie's slimy bread. We came home and made some pimento cheese and chicken salad. I LOVE chicken salad - anywhere, any kind! My sweet friends even made sure that there was plenty of chicken salad at Evie's baby shower. Evie takes after me and loves it too. She licks it off her bread and then eats the bread. Interesting! Carl has a huge aversion to mayo so he steers clear of it which leaves more for the rest of us!

Evie had fun playing on the bed before bedtime. Carl was tickling her and she loved every second. She was giggling so hard that she looked like a beet. Nana and Ipop are on their way to see us. Well, mostly to see Evie but we are looking forward to their visit. Evie sure will be happy to see them in the morning.


  1. Our babies and food! Our food of the moment is edamame--they love it! Also, I have been into avacodo (totally botched the spelling-its late) Cash likes it, Cillian not so much. I guess I will keep offering!!


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