Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doggies, Dinos and Dirt, Oh My!

We are so thankful for the beautiful sun! It makes our days so much better. Evie and I went to storytime this morning. She lasted about 10 minutes and then she was ready to move on to something new. Usually, she does just fine so maybe she just did not like the story. Lately, I have been wondering if maybe she is claustrophobic. I get claustrophobic very easily and this might explain why she gets so worried when people get real close to her that she does not know. We were squeezed in like sardines and Evie did not seem to like it. She got up from my lap and walked around a little. I moved but kept my eye on her. It was so cute because she walked right back to our original spot and scanned the room looking for me. She kept looking around until she found me that's when I decided that storytime was over.

River Park is right next to the library so we walked over with a snack and sippy cup. Trust me, never take things you do not really need to the park unless you have a bag for them. It's hard to juggle Evie, my keys, her sippy cup and snack. She carried her snacktrap around a little but thought it was perfectly fine to nibble on a goldfish that had tumbled to the ground. YUCK!

Evie made a beeline for a cute little dog. It was a Yorkie and was so adorable. Evie sat down on the ground and let Bruno lick and play with her. Bruno's mom chatted with me about how wonderful Yorkie's are for children. Apparently, Bruno gets pushed around the house in the baby stroller and likes it. That sounds like something that Evie would enjoy doing one day.

The park had a bunch of plastic dinosaurs that were just the perfect size for climbing and exploring. Evie thought this was great fun and was quite entertained until she found a big pile of mulch. She thinks it is super fun to transfer small pieces of stuff to a central location so she transferred the mulch to a park bench. We had a great time soaking up the sun and feeling the wind. Evie even went down the slide a few times and climbed right up the equipment by herself. River Park is great for little kids because it's so open that you can see where your kiddo is at all times. Of course, I was hovering over Evie but this will be a great park for when Evie can enjoy it some on her own. We came home to play in our own yard. One of our neighbors came over to offer her 11 year old as a babysitter. That makes two 11 year olds that are interested in babysitting. Too bad they are not just a little bit older. I remember entertaining kids while their mothers were home when I was about that age. The Nash family was my favorite, I remember the mom chatting on the phone and telling everyone how her girls were just having a ball with me. HA! Now, that I am a mom, I know that she was having a ball having 15 minutes to herself.
All of this outdoor fun makes for great naps! We went for two walks today. One when Carl got home, he wanted a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather too. Our kitchen is back in action, we had our faucets installed today and had to get a new garbage disposal. It's always something with a house!

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  1. I hope you'll post pics of the new countertops! I love seeing the kitchen transformations.


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