Monday, March 22, 2010

Will your family count?

It's been a day here at The Niemeyer Nest! We started bright and early with the arrival of our granite installers. They did a great job and the kitchen looks 100 times better than it did two months ago. Marcus, the installer, asked me at least six times if I was sure that I wanted to keep that cooktop. Yes, Marcus - we are planning to keep the cooktop! It reminded me of a story a friend told me last week. She had been referred to a painter from some of her friends who live in "the" area of town. Melissa bargained with the painter a little and when he found out that she was going to be living there - he said YOU.ARE.GOING.TO.LIVE.HERE! I imagine with the same look of disgust that Marcus used with me today - YOU.ARE.GOING.TO.COOK.ON.THIS. Believe it or not, our cooktop looks much better surrounded by the new countertop.

Evie slept right through this whole thing and I just let her keep sleeping since the fumes were so bad in the house. That was a big mistake because it has been one LONG afternoon. I practically threw Evie at Carl when he got home. They are on a walk right now and then she will be heading straight to bed.

Have you completed your 2010 Census? I mailed ours last week and it took less than two minutes to complete. A census is the most accurate count of people that our government gets - it's a miracle that they are able to come as close as they do considering the way Americans flock from state to state. Take a few minutes to complete yours - do it for your kids so there are enough schools and teachers! Send it in to make sure that your family counts!

Speaking of teachers, I used to teach with Judy Smoot while we lived in Raleigh. Her daughter, Julianna, has recently been named President Obama's Social Secretary. That is so exciting! Mrs. Smoot was a fabulous teacher the kind that every parent dreams of for their child. She was nurturing, yet strict but always fair. I am sure she's thrilled for her daughter. Let's just hope Julianna can keep the crazies out of the White House. It sounds like she has it under control.

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