Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jasper and Evie!

Not too much happened around here this morning, it was naptime as usual. I tried to get a few things done but the time goes too fast. We went to Kindermusik to make up the class that we missed while were at Nana and Ipop's house. Evie was so excited to see her friend Jasper again! Okay, maybe Evie was not as excited me! Kimberly Williams-Paisley is just the cutest mom. We sat next to her and Jasper today. Some of my friends are hoping we get invited to Jasper's first birthday party. It's probably not going to happen since Evie took his ball. HA! I just LOVE how everyone just treats her like a normal mom. It must be so difficult to gauge people when you are a celebrity. They must wonder about peoples motives for friendship and have to keep the safety of their family in mind more than the average family! I wonder which star we will run into next.

Evie was getting fussy so I thought she was hungry. I fed her lunch early and then we played outside. She was still fussy so I thought she was tired. Maybe that was it because she slept for two hours this morning and two hours this afternoon. I think her teeth are bothering her because she has had some diaper issues today and seemed a little cranky. Nothing too bad just not normal for sweet Evie. Don't you love how she parks her stuff in the closet.

It rained for a bit this afternoon and then the sun came out. We took a walk to the park but it was too damp too play so we just walked. I finally returned my NC license plate today. Such a sad occasion - just kidding - but it does make it seem like we really live in TN. I'm so proud of myself for using the automated machine which helped me avoid the lengthy line that seems to be common at this particular post office. Three minutes, one envelope and four dollars later, Evie and I were on our way. Technology is a wonderful thing . . . most of the time.

Evie and I headed to the mall to make a return. We were in Belk checking out the pajamas. I noticed that Evie thought it was really amusing to pull the colorful underwear off the racks and had quite the collection on her lap. My curious little one finds joy in the strangest things! I removed her treasures which did not make her happy and checked out. We headed out and were in another store when I noticed a black, lacy bra hanging out on my stroller wheel. Thank goodness, the sensor did not go off, we could have been charged with shoplifting! Evie and I went back to Belk to return the runaway bra. Our cashier had not been the friendliest person so I debated if I should tell her what happened or just put it back where it came from. I decided to confess our transgression and the cashier was sweet. She was so appreciative that I returned the bra! It wasn't my size anyway.


  1. You set a good example for Evie today, returning the "borrowed" bra. ;) That is too funny!

  2. That is hysterical! Never a dull moment,huh?

  3. I LOVE that you are psuedo-friends with Kimberly Williams-Paisley!!! I love them!


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