Friday, March 19, 2010

Daddy's Home . . . again!

Evie and I just hung out around the house today. We had planned to meet some friends for lunch but Abby was sick. Maybe we can catch up next week. It was nice to be at home and we got lots done and even had some time to dance a little. Evie is really into dancing to the music.

We ran out to the grocery store. I told Evie that Daddy would be home soon and she clapped. Such a sweet girl! Carl was here when we got back home. Evie showed him her new teeth. Five teeth have popped through this week which made for some long days for Mommy! We think she is feeling better now.

We walked to Crockett and played on the playground. Carl even got to meet one of our friends from our MOMS group that was there with her two boys. She just moved here too and was having a little difficulty selling her house on a hill. Carl and I know all about how to sell a house on the hill. We turned it into a positive and made a list of the top 10 reasons to live on the hill. Well, I had mentioned this to Phadera several weeks ago and they tried it. It worked! They accepted an offer two days later. Not sure if that was the real reason but we know what a huge relief it is to finally sell a house especially in this market.

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