Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet Girl is 14 months today!

Evie was back to her 7:00 wake-up time. That's okay, I was happy to see her sweet face. Evie is 14 months old today. Carl and I have had 14 glorious months with our joyful, sweet, loud, messy, funny, beautiful little girl. It seems like she has been here forever. I am not sure what we did before we had her but I am pretty sure that it could not have been nearly as much fun!

Evie and I ran a few errands this morning including a trip to Pet Smart. There were not any dogs in the store but we enjoyed the birds. Evie loved seeing them fly from branch to branch in their little habitat. We barely made story time but it was nice to sing songs and listen to the story. There was a little boy about Evie's age carrying a large spoon similar to one you would use to stir pasta. He carries it around every day according to his Mama. That made me laugh but smart parents do not judge other parents! I learned early on that parents will do whatever it takes to make their kid eat, sleep or happy. Evie made a little friend named Molly and they had a grand time touching noses, talking and being silly during story time. Molly is 2 1/2 and was just so cute. I keep thinking it cannot get any better with Evie but all the stages are magical.

Evie was worn out and slept for a good long stretch. I worked on my painting - it's still not perfect but I am done except for the door! I have spent 5 naptimes and one evening working on it. I am obviously not a professional painter but it looks better than my laundry room that was painted by a professional.

Evie and I went to look at new cooktops this afternoon. There are way too many choices and I have no idea what we need so my vote is to hold off for a bit. Our current cooktop is 25 years old and has a tendency to burn things - even water! I am not kidding. Carl and I can both cook but we have both burnt multiple things. We need some time to think about this - down draft or hood, gas or electric, touch panel or knob! Evie thought it was really cool to be in a store with so many stoves.

We came home and played. Evie is such a silly little girl. She laughs and laughs. It's so fun to chase her and she thinks it's really fun to take something that she is not supposed to have and run away. The mystery is solved, Evie sprouted a new tooth this morning! That explains a lot. She looks like such a big girl with three teeth and another one on the way.

Evie has become very attached to her glow worm in the past few days. She used to play with it a lot. Thank goodness Carl put new batteries in it before he left. Well, it's her main source of entertainment these days. It goes everywhere she goes and I hear it's little song over and over throughout the day. It's the perfect combination of lights, music and is similar to a doll. Glow worm even enjoyed snacktime this afternoon. Excuse the mess on her face but I had to capture this sweet girl loving her glow worm.

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