Sunday, March 7, 2010


It was Carl's turn to sleep late this morning so I took care of Evie. We had so much fun playing with her doll. She is so sweet with her doll. We might need a name for the baby. Evie giggles when we hold the baby and sing to the baby but occasionally a little jealousy flares up. Evie loves the little baby chair that I used with my dolls when I was little. She was lugging it all over the place this morning. I was convinced that she was going to try to sit in it but she seemed to know it was for her doll. Carl said he can tell Evie is a girl with her dolls and the way she likes to play dress-up with our laundry. Evie was passing out kisses this morning and it was the highlight of our weekend.

I went to early church and Carl stayed home with Evie while she napped. There was an 8 month old baby in church this morning but she's a third child. Evie loves her sleep and needs her sleep! The priest had an interesting quote today, "You are more likely to become a car from spending the night in a garage than you are to become a Christian by just attending church." Interesting!

It was another beautiful day in Nashville so we took a roadtrip to Leiper's Fork. It's a small community right outside Franklin; known as a haven for song writers and antiques. We did not see any antiques but we saw someone who seemed pretty famous at lunch. Not sure who he was but he was someone pretty important. We took the Natchez Trace to get there and it was beautiful with the rolling hills and the perfect blue sky. The trees are still bare and you can see for miles! It's a pretty good hike from our house but was a nice way to spend a beautiful day.

We got home in time for Evie's nap but she was not interested. After a bit, I went to check on her and figured out why she was on a sleep strike. Blueberries make for a very interesting diaper changing experience! I will have to remember that because it was quite shocking. It would have sent me into a tizzy as a new mother. Evie went down shortly after that but did not sleep long. Carl worked in the yard and I did a few things around the house. We went for a long walk. It felt wonderful soaking up the warm rays and seeing everyone enjoy the gorgeous afternoon. Evie ran around the yard when we got home.

I made Kristin's delicious Chicken Pot Pie. It's easy too! Boil some chicken. Mix some Pioneer gravy into a can of chicken broth, heat until it thickens. Add a package of frozen veggies. Mix all of this together with a 1/2 tsp. of garlic powder. Put a piecrust in a dish, spoon mixture into it and then add another pie crust on top. Bake at 400 for about 35 minutes. YUMMY!

Evie went to bed early and now I need to try to get a few things done around the house. Hope you had a great weekend! See the cute little boy in the picture, it's Jacob with Evie at the mall play area on Friday.

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