Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Social Butterfly!

Here are some pictures of our new and improved kitchen. I think it looks a lot better and is certainly a more pleasant place to spend the day. Evie and I hang out in the kitchen a lot. Although not today because we were busy hopping all over town. We met Maura and Abby at Mimi's for lunch. That is one of my favorite spots - they have a Bleu Cheese and Pecan salad with strawberries that is fabulous and it comes with a muffin. I had buttermilk spice. Evie and Abby enjoyed checking each other out at lunch. Evie ate everything but the kitchen sink but her favorite was a warm, blueberry muffin. I think Abby liked it too. Evie made a huge mess that I cleaned up and I have learned to tip better since Evie creates extra work for the server. We walked around a bit after lunch to enjoy the gorgeous day. A year sure changes a lot, it was last May that we took the girls to Mimi's and they did not eat a thing. Abby even slept right through lunch the last year.They have an outdoor play area at this shopping center filled with stairs to a fun stage and lots of trikes. Evie and Abby thought this was a great spot to hang out. Evie is really good at finding snacks. Maura had some yogurt puffs in her stroller and Detective Evie found those quickly. She brought the bag right to me and was ready to dig in. She is always ready for a snack just like her Mama. Evie and I had so much fun meeting up for lunch with two of our favorite girls. Then, we headed to Coldstone Creamery to meet our friends from our Mommy group. There were 6 kids under 2, so it was a bit chaotic at first until everyone had their ice-cream. Evie and I shared a Founder's Favorite filled with brownie bites, caramel and chocolate. Evie approved and even went to check out the case of ice-cream. Kelly said that Evie was helping everyone figure out which ice-cream to get. It was such a fun outing and makes me look forward to all the exciting things that are in store with Evie.

We came home and played in the yard. Carl came home and decided to mow the grass since rain is in the forecast for the next two days. He hopped right on his lawn mower and Evie was quite concerned about her Daddy. Check out these serious looks.

We had such a great day! I am always so thankful to stay home with Evie but today was so much fun. I love being with Evie and planning fun things for us to do together. Everything is wonderful to her and it's so much fun to see the world through her eyes. It's a pretty exciting place.


  1. WOW!
    Your kitchen is incredible! Please come to my house next--we are in need of a huge reno!!
    I love it when I have such great days with the boys-everyday is great but some days are better than other.
    Wonderful pictures!

  2. The kitchen does look awesome!

    And how funny that she was concerned by the lawn mower...I love when you can practically see their little minds working...

  3. Your kitchen looks awesome and Evie is just too adorable! :)

  4. Your kitchen looks fantastic! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog background and header!!

  5. Love the new look of the blog! It's precious! Thanks for posting pics of the countertops! Your kitchen looks fantastic!


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