Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evie and the boys!

We had a pretty low-key morning around the house. Kristin and Jacob invited us over for lunch. It was so much fun and so delicious too. Evie had fun playing with Jacob and George. I had fun talking with Kristin and Melissa. We played outside and it was quite obvious that Evie is rather adventurous. She is running all over the place even skins her knee exploring everything while the boys hang out with their moms. George is a crawler and Jacob likes to observe plus it was his house so it was not new like it was for Evie. They have a great big open space in front of their house that Evie thought was really exciting. Evie even wanted Kristin to pick her up! That is some MAJOR progress for Evie. Melissa and Kristin shared their grocery shopping secrets with me since that is our biggest budget buster. They got me motivated to come home meal plan, organize my coupons and create a more detailed list. Some people say they do not have time for coupons but Mama Henley reminded us all today that everyone has 24 hours in their day. Thanks for the timely reminder. I think an hour or two is worth it for the savings!

Evie was starting to look like a rag-a-muffin so it was time for a hair cut. Guess who screamed through the entire process! She was M.A.D. and let us all know it. I warned the lady that Evie is a screamer when it comes time for haircuts so she cut Evie's hair while she sat in my lap. However, that was not enough to keep Miss E happy. Nothing worked, Raffi, paci or even the lollipop offered to the kids! Another mom came over and offered to hold Evie because she thought that I was trying to get my hair cut, now that would have been a disaster. I am not sure Evie would have gone to her but I certainly would not attempt a hair cut with her in my lap except with Jenn in Huntersville. Then the lady's daughter came over to help, she brought a Barbie, you are probably noticing a theme at this point. Evie was just not happy and wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. She looks pretty cute now although Carl said she still has hair in her eyes. I am trying to grow her bangs but it does look much better.

All of my hard work cutting coupons and meal planning paid off at Publix. Evie was a HUGE help. Her job is to sort the groceries which is a nice way of explaining how she throws the small items that I place into the basket into the cart. Of course, she does this very gently and never drops anything on the floor. It took us 45 minutes but I saved $46 and spent $86. That's a pretty good return on my hour of work. Evie even made friends with the bagger who took all of our bags out to the car. She was waving at him and having a grand time.

We came home and played outside. Evie went to see her little dog friend Bentley. He kept barking at her and she was not happy about that. Carl and I enjoyed chatting with the neighbors. Mike thinks Carl has improved the yard so that was a nice compliment. Carl has done a great job. It's very green and lush. Evie thinks it's really pretty too!

Evie ate her supper and then we cuddled on the couch. She loves my belly button and thinks it really fun to tickle me. I love it too because she laughs when she tickles me. There is no sweeter sound than my sweet baby girl giggling. She also loves to spin herself in a circle then she falls down all on her own which makes her laugh some more. What a sweet girl! Every day, I think that I could not love her anymore so it's amazing that I wake up each morning loving her more than the day before.


  1. I can see why you love her so much. She is gorgeous! It sounds like you had a great job. GOOD WORK on your savings! It's amazing how those savings add up so quickly! Thank you for the shout out too:)

  2. Aren't baby laughs the best?!

    I'm totally with you - I don't understand where all this amazing love comes from, but it grows every day!

  3. Why are they obsessed with bellybuttons? Ellie likes to look for mine at the most inappropriate times!


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