Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

We really feel like we got a reprieve with the weather this week. It was supposed to rain all week but the clouds cleared this morning. Blue skies and warm temperatures are my kind of days.

Evie and I had Kindermusik today. There were about 4 of us there and the teacher started early. Something was wrong with the clock so she was not aware of the time. Moms and babies kept coming in the door and she finally looked at her watch. We had started ten minutes early! It was funny to see the expressions on each mom's face as they walked through the door. Everyone was too nice to say anything. The leader is pregnant with her fourth child and was having a rough morning after her glucose screening. We've all been there. It worked out for us because we got an extended class.

Evie was hungry and tired when we got home since she did not nap this morning! She ate her lunch and then went down for almost three hours. Now that's a nap! We went for a walk to soak up these beautiful rays while they last since lots of rain is in the forecast for the next few days
Evie has become quite talented at removing her shoes! She must prefer barefeet just like me. I never wear shoes. People who come to my house sometimes think they need to take their shoes off since I have mine off but really I am just not a shoe person. My mom wears shoes all the time. She may even sleep in them sometimes. We bought Evie some shoes at the Stride-rite Outlet and I have some issues with them so I drafted a little letter.

Dear Mr. Stride-rite, I am a first time mommy which means that by nature I may tend to over analyze the little things but I wanted to let you know about my experience with your shoes. Please do not be offended but I went to your outlet. I know you make good shoes. All the mama's agree but I just could not spend $55 on a pair of shoes that will be outgrown in a few short months. Especially since you sell them for a mere $14.99 at your outlet and my baby does not know that they are from last years line. Well, here's my problem - they do not stay on her feet! I put them on and five minutes later they are off. Don't get me wrong, I love to see her sweet little toes and her soft little soles. However, she needs shoes that stay on so she can chase after dogs, explore the yard and kick her ball. Your adorable little salesperson assured me these would stay on until I took them off and convinced me not to get the ones with laces. I think the laces might have been better. Evie takes her shoes off at least 20 times a day and 20 times a day I put them right back on her. Today, she discovered the joys of your velcro and thinks it tastes really good. Any tips on how to keep those shoes on her little feet? Your Loyal Customer, Evie's Mommy

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  1. Ugh, I am dreading buying shoes. I'm not a shoe person, either, and from what I can see from our friends with kids, kids aren't shoe people! :) And they ARE so expensive and they outgrow them so FAST!


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