Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Recap!

We had a wonderful weekend at home with my parents, AKA Nana and Ipop. Evie had fun showing off all of her new tricks.

On Friday,we stayed home most of the day since Evie was in sleep mode. My dad went out exploring and came back with a little rocking chair for Evie. She loves it and uses it to rock her babies. She likes to sit in it but still needs to be hoisted into it. My mom ordered Evie a sweet little cupcake purse from Etsy. It even has a cherry on it! Evie puts little objects in it and thinks she is such a big girl. After nap, we went to Walmart to get a few things including The Blind Side. Carl and I had not seen it and were very impressed. My dad does go to movies a lot but he went to see The Blind Side twice and then watched it with us too. It's really that good. Have you seen it?

On Saturday, we went to the Franklin Farmer's Market. Evie's favorite part was seeing the dogs. I love to peruse all the homemade cheeses, baked goods and watch the musicians. It's such a fun place and gets even better in the summer. We went to Franklin Mercantile for lunch. Carl had never been there. It's a cute little restaurant with mismatched tables and chairs. Drinks are served in Mason jars and everything is super fresh. I chose a BLT with sundried tomato cream cheese and it was delicious! Evie kept a close watch on the kids sitting around us. Then, we went to the Co-op to see the baby chicks and ducks again. They have really grown in the last several weeks. Evie was delighted to see them again and even had a chance to pet one of the sweet little chicks. My parents remember when they came in pink and blue and were only 50 cents. Inflation has caused them to cost $3.25. That's a pretty big increase for a chick. A weekend is never complete without a visit to the Home Depot. Carl came home to spread his mulch from the Co-op but quickly ran out. He purchased 16 bags but we need at least 16 more. Evie missed her nap window so we went to Harris Teeter. She napped a few minutes in the car which helped her catch up to speed for her playtime outside. We all walked over to the park and Evie had fun pointing at all the new things. Evie ran around the yard for a long time when we got back and we taught her how to find Easter eggs. She loves putting them in her basket and even threw a few acorns in the basket for good measure. Much better to have acorns in the basket than inside her mouth. Evie went to bed and we grilled some steaks for dinner. My parents had offered to babysit but Carl was not feeling well. Maybe we can go out soon. Everywhere we go, Evie goes with us which we LOVE but some places are not ready for Evie quite yet.
Evie slept until 7 this morning! I had asked her to sleep a little later for me since she woke up bright and early on Friday and Saturday. She listened and it was so nice to catch a few extra minutes of sleep. We had breakfast and watched Evie play. I think she enjoys having an audience while she explores new things. We had a great weekend! Thanks for coming to visit Nana and Ipop. Evie had so much fun and we did too.

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