Friday, March 5, 2010

Send it on down the line . . .

Evie seems to be changing her napping pattern a bit. She's been on this schedule a long time so maybe she's ready for something new. Her morning nap is from around 9 to 11 and I usually wake her because she loves this nap! However, it's getting more difficult to get her to take an afternoon nap. After consulting with a series of experts, I have decided to let it play out a few more days to see what happens. We have had a lot of people in and out of our house and have been super busy this week plus she is teething. Not to mention that she is totally weaned! It's a wonder that's the only problem. She gets super fussy in the afternoons without a nap and needs constant interaction. Of course, this comes at my busiest time of the day - dinnertime! Thanks friends for all of your ideas - you are my experts! What would I do without you!

Evie and I met Jacob and Kristin at the mall for lunch. It was Jacob's first time having Chick fil A. I think it was a hit. Evie showed him the ropes. Jacob brought some mandarin oranges which are Evie's favorites. He was sweet enough to share with her! We thought it would be fun to let them play in the little play area at the mall. You know the germ-infested area with all the screaming kids. Evie thought it was great fun eating a stray puff, escaping from the kids area and almost eating a Band-aid. She is so curious and is loving her new freedom as a walker. Kristin and I both agree that is way more fun now that they can walk! I think playtime at the mall might be overrated. Forgot to mention, that a small child used Evie as a leaping pad for his forward flip. We had a great time Kristin and Jacob! Let's play again soon. I will add some pictures when I get them. Kristin had her camera. I never take mine now that I have the big camera. That's the only problem is that it's so large but is sure captures some cute pictures.

Evie was not interested in her nap as I mentioned but she did play in her crib for a bit which gave me a break. I called our insurance company, worked on some more tax stuff and paid some bills.

Carl needs a Williamson county tag for his truck so I decided to take it in. On the way, I recalled a piece of information that I was missing so I called to get it and found that Carl needs to come with me. His truck is registered in both of our names. Next time, we will register Jennifer or Carl instead of Jennifer and Carl. Apparently, that little word means a lot in the car department.

I decided to quickly run in the grocery store while we were out. Evie was a hoot! She had her snacktrap with baby goldfish while I placed the grcoeries on the line. She decided to start placing her goldfish on the line to send them on down the line. It was hysterical but I did not laugh! Evie was trying to be like me in her own little way. Our cashier is an interesting fellow - I know him pretty well and he of course knows Evie. He refers to the cash register as Gerutrude and talks to her throughout his transactions. We went for a long walk to soak up this beautiful weather! Check out Evie's cute little yogurt face! More gets on her than in her.
My kitchen is back in working order so I decided to whip up some lasgana with the sauce that I froze several weeks ago. Carl had pizza yesterday so this sounded good to me. We are ready for a relaxing weekend. It's been a long week!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. Enjoy relaxing this weekend!

  2. Aubrey transitioned to one nap a day when she was around Evie's age. I put her down later than I normally would for a morning nap, and she usually sleeps for a longer time than she did when she took 2 naps. It's actually nice to have that longer stretch of time to get things done and not to have to worry about being home for 2 nap times.


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