Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6 Month Pictures!

Evie's six month pictures turned out so cute! You can see a few of them at Lindsey Turner's blog http://lindseyturner.typepad.com/ - she is so talented! WOW! If you live in the Charlotte area , give her a call.
Evie and I took Carl to the airport. I went in to get her about 5:15 and she was smiling at me. Guess she heard us getting ready. I was so tired when we got back so I put her in the bed with me to see if we could both sleep. Evie did not like that idea. She wanted to kick and play. She is so entertaining these days. She did finallly take a morning nap. However, her afternoon nap was 3 hours long. I put her down a little before 12 thinking she could just rest a little before Gymboree. At 1:00, I went into get her and she was sound asleep. Went in at 2:00 to check on her and she was still sleeping. Finally, at 3:00 she woke up! Missed Gymboree today but that's okay we will go on Thursday.
I was ready to get out of the house so we went to get a new cell phone. New every 2 is the best! Then we went to the Fresh Market to get a few things. Evie thought it was so much fun to kick her feet against the basket so I did not much room for my food since she takes up the whole buggy. Now that she can sit up, I should just put her in the cart. Maybe we will try that the next time we venture to the grocery store. Time to go get some stuff together for Nashville. Evie is down for the night - I hope!

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