Friday, July 24, 2009

Flipping Friday

Evie had a better night of sleep. YAY! She has been very sleepy today so who knows how tonight will go. She slept through Stroller Strides so we will try again next week. Evie and I went to Babies R Us to get a floppy seat so she can sit in the cart. I let her sit in the cart in the store after I cleaned it. She LOVES her new view and looks like such a big girl. We can't wait to use our new floppy seat. Then we drove around trying to find a Wachovia for awhile. Our GPS told us where one was but guess what - it was not a Wachovia anymore. Charlotte has branches everywhere but here there are very few Wachovias in Nashville. Guess we need to update the GPS.

I was so excited to try out My Gym today because I had heard such great things from everyone. We were not impressed because there was too wide of a range of babies - 6 months to 18 months or older. There's a big difference in skill level between those ages. Also, I did not think the moms were friendly to me or to each other. I did find two nice moms and found out that they have only been going for several weeks which surprised me since they had much older babies. My Gym seems to have a very high turnover rate. The teacher in me likes a more organized class - there was a lot of free play more than half of the class was free play. The teachers were great and had some fun things for Evie to do including her first forward flip, a magic carpet swing and a little obstacle course. We still may decide to enroll but I am leaning more towards Gymboree. I think My Gym will be closer to the area of town that we will live in once we have a house. Evie was wiped out! She came home and ate then fussed a little. Then she fell asleep for two hours. Carl got home early. He was excited to see her so we went in to check on her. She was curled into a little ball on her side with her Raffi. She puts Raffi over her face kinda like her Ipop does with his pillow. Carl and Evie went swimming at the pool while I went to the grocery store. Evie grinned and played at the pool. She practiced kicking in the water and enjoyed being pushed around on her float.

I really like Publix but think it's a little more expensive than my Harris Teeter. Any opinions? I spent a little over $100 but bought diapers, toilet paper, a lot of drinks and a $10 pizza. Kroger's probably closer and cheaper but I like shopping in a nice store. I did find a great beverage. Have you ever had the lemonade and ice tea blend from Starbuck's or Panera? That drink is often called an Arnold Palmer. Well, I love them but do not like spending the money for them so I bought lemonade and green tea at Publix for $1.89 for a half gallon and made my own. Simple, refreshing and inexpensive! Happy Friday to everyone!

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  1. sleeping is going better. i'm usually up at least twice, but that's better than it was.


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