Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Try Something New Tuesday

Evie and I had a fun day! After her short morning nap, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. Evie and I were excited to try The Little Gym. It was similar but different than Gymboree. The teacher had to go home sick so we get to try it again next week. Evie liked the Air Trak - this huge platform that gets filled with air and the kids bounce on it. She enjoyed the bells and music sticks. Banging noises are her favorite. During free play, we rolled down inclines, worked our way through tunnels and practiced standing while holding on to different objects. It did not seem as scripted as Gymboree. We will try it again next week before we decide which company is the best fit for us. Let me tell you The Little Gym tired Evie out. She was asleep before we left the parking lot. We got back to the condo and she was slumped over in her car seat. I took her out thinking she'd wake right up but she let me carry to her bed. She stayed asleep for 1 hour but woke up from the train. I fed her and she went back to sleep for an hour. Evie and I met two nice mommies and their babies. We met Amanda and her son Logan. Elizabeth just moved her with her son Logan. Both of these moms were teachers so there was an instant connection. I look forward to seeing Amanda soon. She is also in the Williamson County mom group that I am hoping to join!
After Evie's nap, we went to run some errands. I was impressed with the Harris Teeter. It had the cart with the built-in seat for the baby. Germy . . . but so easy! I love the samples of all the delicicous breads, the delicious meats and the feel of the store. I grew up with Harris Teeter and it will always be my favorite. Publix is fabulous though too! See it's the little things in a new place that make all the difference.

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