Monday, July 27, 2009

Motor Monday

My car would not start this morning! AHHH! I tried twice and it made a funny sound so I waited for Carl. He got it to start - it might be time for a new battery. The place was too busy tonight so I will try in the morning. It's very close by and if my car does not make it then we could walk home. Too bad this did not happen when I still lived near lots of things and my parents!

Evie and I just hung out at the condo today! She is so much fun. I love to watch her play because she has become so engaged in her toys. She reaches for her toys and gets flat on her belly to get them when she throws them. Then pulls herself right back up. She LOVES her stacking cups and her bunny rattle. She is eating so well - not that's ever been a problem for our little piglet. She really likes her oatmeal in the morning and her green beans at night. I am so glad she seems to be liking green veggies!
We went to Crockett Park tonight for a little stroll before dinner and then to look at a few houses. They always look better online when you can't see the neighbor's house, a busy road or that it has some other major problem. Evie was too interested in going to sleep tonight -maybe because we skipped her bath. She is chewing on everything and I mean everything - the straps on her stroller and carseat, her blanket, her Raffi and even our fingers. Maybe her tooth will finally pop out. It seems like a really LONG process.

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