Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

We are all tired today! It's been a busy weekend. We had so much fun with the Onellos's last night. Abby and Evie are so cute together. They reach out and grab each other! Abby liked Evie's pacifier. They played nicely with each other. Evie had so much fun that she stayed up late without being fussy.

We went to Bruegger's for lunch and then for a long walk at Radnor Lake. We saw three deer on the trail. There were lots of couples with their young babies. After our walk, we went to the Farmer's Market. It was big but it was more like a flea market with only one section devoted to produce. Bicentennial park was near by so we walked over. There is a huge wall divided by decades with important events noted on the stone. It was really interesting. There was also a splash park like the one at Birkdale and a huge map of the state.

Evie slept while we were on the walk which was a miracle since she NEVER sleeps in her stroller anymore. She's too interested in everything around her. However, that was a short nap so she was exhausted when we got back. However, she was not interested in napping in her crib so she took a nap with her Daddy.

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