Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

I cannot believe that my sweet little baby is 6 months old. Time flies by so quickly. We have had so much fun with Evie in the last six months. She is such a joy and we are so in love with her.

Evie Enjoys:

Kicking, Kicking, Kicking all of the time
Swimming in the pool especially on her back
Eating a banana with her Daddy
Playing on her playmat
Picking toys up and moving them from one hand to the other
Banging her rattles to make joyful noises
Going outside to play
Walks in her stroller - she likes to look around
Playing with paper
Dropping her toys for her parents to pick up
Looking at other babies

Evie does not Enjoy:

Going out to dinner - likes to lunch though
Having her diaper changed right when she wakes up
Her Mommy getting out of her line of vision

Happy 6 Month Birthday Evie! Happy Birthday to your friends Peyton and Max too!

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  1. Evie is adorable! My Evy wakes up every time we go in and out of the car. It stinks!! :o( Random question: do you pronounce her name where it rhymes with "TV" or "Chevy"?


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