Monday, July 13, 2009

No milk Monday!

Evie has not been interested in eating today. She has only eaten 4 times plus her solids. Way down from her normal 6-7 feedings. She's not fussy though just not interested in eating. She did get mad this morning for a bit but calmed right down when I took her to playgroup. Maybe she needed a change of scenery. All the babies are really growing up - everyone can sit and they all look so much bigger. It's bittersweet to see how quickly they change. Everyone tells you before you are a mom but you do not really get it until it's your baby growing faster and faster each day!
Evie fell asleep on the way home from playgroup so she was not much interested in sleeping at home. Normally that's fine but she had her 6 month photo shoot so I had to get her to take a short nap. We went to the bank so she'd get a little shut eye. It worked! She did great for her pictures. I cannot wait to see them and hope Lindsey got some good shots.
Evie is becoming so much better at entertaining herself. She will sit and play for 15-20 minutes: with paper, a rattle, in her exersaucer, with her playmat and on a blanket. She LOVES rattles. We are sad that Carl is leaving for Boston in the morning but next week we will all be in TN.

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  1. Thanks for stopping in to my blog to say hello and leave such sweet comments! Evie is a doll!!

    My daughter had days where she wasn't interested in eating either. And then there were days when she couldn't get enough!

    Have a wonderful week enjoying your beautiful little girl!


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