Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sightseeing Sunday

We got a late start this morning because Evie went down for her nap later. We left around noon and went to Bruegger's for lunch. There were lots of young families in there so that was encouraging. We saw some places we want to check out soon.
After lunch, we drove to some of the houses that we had found online. One house really sticks out and seems like a good one. Maybe we will take a look at the inside. It's in a great area. Then we drove to Hermitage - Andrew Jackson's home.

The best part of our day was going to Crocket Park for a long walk. It's been a beautiful day here in Nashville. Evie loved being outside. The picture is from the log cabin at the park.

Not too much else to report just a trip to Publix and listening to Evie giggle.

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