Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Friday!

Another busy day but not much to show for it but that's okay! Evie slept until 9:15. We got out of the house and ran a few errands. Then we met Allison and Paisley at Starbucks and to redeem our Gymbucks. We got some good stuff for the girls. I will miss Allison and Paisley so much! Luckily, they have friends in Nashville so we will still see them.

Evie came home and took a nap! Then we had a few more errands since we are leaving tomorrow. Traffic was horrible going to the airport but we were so glad to see Carl. Evie went 4 hours without eating - let's see if she can keep that up! I needed to get my car inspected before we go to TN so I went to do that and guess what: the machines were down in the county. AHHHHH! I am going to call in the morning to see if they are back up.

We all played together for a little bit but Evie was ready for bed at 6:15! Carl and I caught up on the week and ate some yummy pizza. We LOVE our pizza nights!

Mike and Alicia are sweet neighbors came over! We had a great time catching up. They are moving to Atlanta so at least we are all in this together. Luckily, Carl's brother lives in Atlanta so we will see them too.

Well, I need to go finish packing!

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